Looking at the Two Facets: Are Hackers Friends or Foe?

Hackers – upon hearing this word there’s a negative feeling that enters us already. We always perceive them as bad guys who enter into other organization’s systems and intentionally put some malware there to completely destroy it. But being a hacker as seen in the movies is a thrilling job of some sort. I don’t even have the tinge of idea why these guys are into this job – maybe they’re just trolling around or they’re just trying to measure their skills in that field or else they’re doing it for a special purpose.

Hackers are just lurking everywhere. Some organizations hire them on purpose: they want their systems to be checked by a hacker to find out if it’s ‘hack-able’ or not by pointing out their weak points and suggesting important measures to counteract it. This reason is valid.

But entering a system without due permission? That’s intrusion.
When hackers are caught they often use the above-stated reason as an alibi. Although their claim is correct, still, the privacy of the system is an issue here. It may contain important files and documents which might be classified in nature and should not be divulged to anyone else outside the organization.
But what some unnecessary entity broke-in the system and was not caught?

So in this scenario we cannot say that what the hackers did was to test the system of its weaknesses and downsides. This might be considered as a case of theft or maybe vandalism if they were able to destroy the entire system.

We should not look at hackers in general as bad persons, they’re also essential in building the security of the organization’s systems or they’re the ones who could break it. a win-win or a lose-lose situation per se, but it still depends upon the sole intention of the hacker.


Virtual vs Real Brain: Which is better?

Mankind is really innovative. Before, everything seems to be manually operated; human intervention is required up to its extent. But right now, humans are not necessarily enjoined to some of the production processes being performed in factories or plants, leave those jobs to the machines for they could do intricate jobs with less error and maybe with a better quality than a human can, for they are especially programmed to do such.

I agree that machines could replace humans in those aspects, but how about in decision making, is it feasible?
Nowadays, computers are programmed and simulated to act like and behave like humans, see the robots. Maybe, computers could also be simulated to think just like us, which is really possible. If this happens, will there be a chance that the demand for college – educated workers will decrease?

Let’s look at it this way: Even if computers are programmed to make complex decisions in the organization, I guess, it’s only designed to give us all the immediate solutions to the problem stated but not consider other factors first why it became like that. Humans have feelings and they have a keen sense of weighing down the situation first and employing justice and mercy to the decisions they make. Even if the advent of computers is here, human interference is still necessary.

In our Management 121, we have foreseen that organizational structures will be flatter in the future, that it would contain less people already. So if you want to be a part of an organization you must be competent and be of the best quality. There is a chance that unemployment rate would increase and it would be so hard for a college graduate to find a job given this state of nature. But it’s human instinct to think of ways to survive. Maybe few people would rise up the corporate ladder, but there would be plenty who will become entrepreneurs and to be one, you also need the necessary skills and knowledge because during these times, competition is tight.

Maybe computers who are in the organization are abundant, but it cannot work properly without the aid of human beings. For this to be successful, they have to work hand in hand.


Technology’s advent is rapidly leaping through time. Ways of living are gradually changing, we are moving through the speed of light and life’s floating like a breeze. Internet connections nowadays are already a part of us. It has become a necessity, that without it, other things would be improbable to do already.

We can’t predict what more would be unveiled in the near future. Everything today is already in digital format – even books and the food business. Right now, you don’t have to get out of your bed and rent some video CD’s on some rental store and then manipulate your DVD player to watch it because it is already possible to do it just within the comforts of your personal space, without the hassle and inconvenience – just your pc and an internet connection, then you’re all set. But how about in the future, what other things could be replaced?

It is possible that the food industry will not be as hectic as before. Just a swish and flick, then your food will be at your doorstep already. No need to leave the house and fit-in the physical space of a restaurant. You can have any food that you want at the premise of your home.

Before, you have to carry the weight of the books as if you are Atlas, but now, books can be as micro as it can be. No hassles, no sweat and no indirect muscle building. Books can be stored in your gadget where it seems like a thin film of metal. Plus, you can store as many books as you want. So studying at your leisure time is not a burden anymore due to this innovations.

The world is turning. We do not know what will be discovered next. Life seems to be in a rush that you have to keep up or else, you’ll be left behind.

The Rocketeers

 Whenever we hear the word FREE, it always rings a bell in our ears. As human beings, we are inept to respond to incentives being offered to us. Well, who wouldn’t want something that is free right? Free food, free taste, free apps, free wi-fi and almost free everything. Nowadays, we could find everything we need through the virtual space. From the very basics of our needs evethn to most complex of it. It’s just there; All you have to do is point your mouse to the item you want and voila! it’s now yours -even for free.

Man never stops in heeding the need of his fellow. Every now and then,. he is generating something that could help the existence of these homo sapiens sapiens be comfortable and convenient up to the nth level. It’s not foreign to us to hear about these open source systems that we could easily access through the net. Examples of these are Linux, Ubuntu, Mozilla Firefox and even this blog site, WordPress is included in the growing list of OSS available for us to utilize.

So, in the near future,, is there any chance that these Open Source Systems will rocket up?

In this case, there is. OSS are mostly free of charge and often times, it could help save companies thousands of dollars by using it in their systems. Besides, it could operate on a hundred more soft wares than the patented ones we know of. This is where programmers of our time collaborate and unleash their talents and skills endowed to them through contributing to the improvement of the features of the site or even in fixing the bugs. This ensures that the site is working at its fullest always.

It’s coming now. It’s inevitable. OSS is starting to take over this era.

In Between

If we’re going to look back at the past, we cannot deny the fact that we’ve gone too far already. Our technology’s really complex and intricate already nowadays. It’s too hard to go back to the once primitive times. It would be too hard to cope up.

Just take for example the case of cellular phones. We’ve started from the bulky and single-functioned one until it evolved into something with a monochromatic hue but somehow equipped with the capacity to send text messages, to the colored phones and bounce days, to the first phones with cameras up until the day where you could alreai-download (9)dy sweep the screen and let every icon move with the flick of your mighty fingers. Man is a greedy being. Settlement onto something is never an option. We always crave for more.

Gadgets sell like hot cake these days. But can we also consider these as a helpful device?

Of course, a gadget and a helpful device is just the same thing. A helpful device is also a gadget and vice versa. But what makes one thing distinct from another? A helpful device is something we use for performing essential tasks in our day-to-day existence. We could use it to generate phone calls, create documents and access and retrieve information– may it be in our work place, private space or in the academe. While a gadget maybe is something that we use mostly for killing time and for entertaining ourselves like playing games, sound-tripping, selfie-taking and the list goes on. We could also consider it as such if the price of something cannot compensate to its real value and purpose that it eventually became a fad. How we use a certain thing depends on our own context.

The way we view things defines us. It’s up for us now how we could maximize our horizons. We shall never be a slave of the technological advancements of our time.

Fast Forward >>>


One word that always bugs our minds. We always look forward to it, we keep on preparing for it. No matter what we do, we would always be transported to it.

Our life’s pacing nowaFuturistic-Body-Paintings-03days is in a whirlwind. The wave’s rushing over the shore in a very swift manner and time flies by like the hands of it are galloping into a race. Right now, we’ve gone too far already. But how much more if we fast forward our days?

My ideal factory of the future would be envisioned by just using the power of our brain.

As humans, ideas are first conceived in our brain before it was put into action. But in the near future, ideas would would only be conceived in our head and our hands need not work for it to be materialized. You would only have this robotic scanner that would read through your brain then capture all the brain waves and information stored into it. Then, it would be plotted into a microchip and it would be transported into a different set of machine. This time, the machine would recreate the idea into a more definite design then all the ergonomics of it would be taken care of already. Next, the design would be transferred to a machine devised to make the mere idea into a tangible one. So this is the production process. This is where the product will come to life. After this stage, the human being scifipackprv1.jpg27640dd2-128d-49e9-b594-96be497ac670Largerwould decide if this product would be mass produced or not. If so, just one sweep of his brain waves and the thousands or more duplicates of the products would be brought forth into being. Quality control would also be done through another set of machines.

As an innovation, if ever the product would be launched into a vast market, sales of it would just be recorded directly into the system really meant for it. There’s no need for human interference. There’s no cold cash needed– just the plastic ones are enjoined. Buyers don’t need to go out in the wild looking for the products they want. Just one click and there it goes in front of you.

Imagine what would our life be if this would be the case. Humans would just be the creator of notions and the executor would be the computers and machines. Are we ready for this? Think.

The Overtakers

i-download (7)Technology is taking a huge leap every time that if you’re not fast enough to cope up with its swift pacing, you’ll be left behind. Old industries who tend to ignore or fight modern technology, decline.Every now and then, new innovations and discoveries are being made. Every company is fighting its way to contemporaneity.

When the company is equipped with good strategies and plans, then it has a higher chance to succeed. Hence, implementations of modern systems will make them stay higher off the edge. This is really advantageous to the company emulating these systems if they made it the right way.

This is a bonus to our consumers: Seeing the facet of modern technology being utilized in the products they’re using means exposing them to the world right now. They would become aware of the advancements in this field and they would enjoy the privileges brought by it. In addition, they could buy products at a much lower cost.

Companies and organizations are developing different strategies to market their products. Usage of SIS by affluent companies might be a little unfair to smaller ones, but we have to remember that in the market, competition is the real essence.

Ancient vs Contemporary

Looking back, our means of commerce rooted from just the plain barter in which we e-commerce2just exchange goods with others. Eventually it evolved into something more intricate when money came into being. Until the day these plastic cards emerged as a form of payment let alone the onset of the so-called online shopping in our contemporary time frame. So which is really better? The traditional way of shopping or the modern kind wherein it’s just one click away? Join me in scrutinizing each and every bit.


Traditional Shopping

Using this kind of method, we personally hand-pick our stuffs, put them inside our carts and finally we have to line-up in most often, crowded counters with cashiers shooting the bar codes of our goods. But what’s the beauty of this method? It is the assurance that the products that we are buying are in its best condition for it has passed through our scrutinizing eyes. Plus, it gets us out of the house. Walking through the aisles and choosing the stuff you need to buy is a good mental and physical exercise. But on the other hand, if you’re a busy bee, traditional shopping might be a little inconvenient to you — you have to travel long lengths to reach shopping centers which adds up to your expenses plus lining up at human-infested check-out counters are such a mess.


Online Shopping

This type of shopping experience is for the hectic ones who doesn’t have so  much time to take a stroll around shopping centers. So here are some advantages of online shopping: First, online shops offer good deals with much cheaper prices. Plus, some online shops don’t impose the high price of taxes. Next, of course,  is convenience. Who would’ve thought that you could buy what you need in just a few clicks away without leaving your seat? Yes, online shopping made that possible. Shops offers more variety of goods than physical stores do. So all you have to do is scroll, scroll and scroll then click add to cart. When going on shopping at malls, before checking out what you need, sometimes you pass by some things that is not really important then end up buying it  and then regret it afterwards. There’s a fewer trap in buying unnecessary things when shopping in a virtual store. Lastly, discreet shopping. Spare yourself with the awkward and stern looks people shot you off when buying things that are too personal for the human eye. (e.g., under wears, sanitary pads) Yet, there is less assurance that the product you’re buying is of good quality. Sometimes, you could not return the things you’ve bought even if it’s defective. Also, the diminished satisfaction upon the arrival of the goods– for it is not as what you have expected it to be.


So which is which, the ancient or the contemporary? You choose.



Does IT Matter?

IT or better known as Information Technology is not a new term for all of us. It’s audible everywhere. We acknowledge college students taking up degree in Information Technology, and industries utilizing skills with regards to IT and etc. It’s eminent. We cannot stop its further advancement. So the bottom line here is: does it really matter? Is it a boon or a bane to our existence?


Before we dig deeper, let’s understand first the real score with regards to  Information Technology. 


So, Information Technology is the use of technology for development, maintenance and use of computer systems software and network for the processing and distribution of data which gives information.


As a student or as an individual itself, how has Information Technology brought forth an impact to my life?


In the academe, it is inevitable for us not to have projects and research assignments. Thus, we use the internet as a medium to retrieve necessary information for our dissertations; We utilize it to ascertain our queries; We make it as a tool to harness knowledge. This was made possible through the search engines emerging over the net.


Aristotle once said that we are political and social animals, therefore we need to establish relationships and communicate with other people. So here comes the function of the social media to pacify such. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and etc enables us to do so. Even if our loved one or just our friend is miles away from us, we can still reach and talk to them in real time. It’s just as if they’re just beside us.


Information technology is a very important aspect of our life these days. It’s a bane, as long as we use it in the most proper and responsible way possible.